• 15 - 17 January, 2020
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Exhibitor Comments (2018)

We collected comments about the outcomes of exhibiting at 47th NEPCON JAPAN held in January, 2018 from the exhibitors. Check them and consider exhibiting!

NEPCON JAPAN draws quite a large crowd. That’s why we run a booth every year.

Masahito Natsuhara
General Manager, Non-Destructive Inspection Business Unit, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Shimadzu Corporation

― Could you give us your feedback?
The first thing that comes to our mind is, “NEPCON JAPAN draws quite a large crowd.” We come here every year and this time, we put up the largest booth. Of course, it costs us. But we know from the past experience that “It pays.”

― Did you have a lot of visitors to your booth?
Today is the second day and we’ve already received great immediate responses. This itself is more than enough to cover the cost of exhibiting. We are considering having a larger booth to have more visitors.

Since last year, NEPCON JAPAN is our SOLE choice.

Shoji Kanayama
Project General Manager, Sales Dept.
Ueno Seiki Co., Ltd.

― What type of visitors came to your booth?
Exhibitions of other genres are held concurrently, which help in bringing more variety of groups of people beyond industrial boundaries.

― What is appealing to you about Reed?
To be honest, we have been using other exhibitions, as well. However, since last year, we have decided to exhibit here only. No other expo can draw this many of an enormous crowd than Reed.

A great opportunity to meet a lot of visitors from outside Japan

Mitsutoshi Watanabe
Robotic Solutions Div., Sales Engineering Dept., Sales Engineering Sec. 3
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

― Did a lot of visitors come to your booth?
About a 10% increase from last year. We received so many constructive questions. Some of the visitors come from other concurrent shows. It results in many unexpected and prospective encounters.

― What is appealing to you about NEPCON JAPAN?
The number of overseas customers, to which, we are grateful for Reed for their hard work. Meaningful talks and exchanging ideas with companies across industrial borders is a good point.

Catching up with industry trend

Daisuke Miura
Special Operations Executive
Tokyo Weld Co., Ltd.

― What type of customers visited your booth?
A great number of people, including our existing customers. Definitely saw the increased number of visitors compared to the last time. We’re foreseeing that many of them would result in conducive business.

― What was the main subject of the business talks?
Currently, our focus is on AI. Perhaps because this has become the focus of attention these days, we were frequently asked about a collaboration of our AI and customers’ business. It enabled us to read the tide of the industry.

Exceptionally great turnouts. We will surely come back.

Yasufusa Fujii 
Business Planning Div., Semicon System Business Headquarters
Canon Machinery Inc.

― How did you like your experience with us?
Perhaps due to the booming trend of semiconductor industry, we’ve received a lot more customers visiting our booth that the regular year.

― What was most striking about this exhibition?
Owing to the fact that we have displayed our brand new equipment for the first time in the world perhaps, we’ve had so many customers expressed their interest in us. We are one of the long-timers and planning on being so for more long years to come.

Had a great time talking with many with on-the-ground knowledge and understanding.

Osamu Sato
Deputy General Manager
Global Sales Management Dept.
Shinakawa Ltd.

― Did you have a lot of visitors?
A lot more than the last time. We are finding many good new business connections.

― How did you find your experience with us?
From those in the authority to those who are hands-on management, we’ve had opportunities to talk with quite a wide range of people. Great opportunity to receive feedbacks from those who use our products on-the-ground.

Brought a profound awareness toward our future directions

Hidetoshi Matsumoto
Senior Engineer, Development & Planning Div.
Advanced Materials Division
Electronic Material General Division
Electronics Company
AGC Asahi Glass

― How did you find your experience with us?
We’ve got an impression that there are far exceeding number of people have gathered this time. At our booth, we’ve placed a 3D display at the entrance. We think it served as a great eye-catcher.

― Could you share what was the major subject of your business negotiation?
Last time, cost-reduction of mass-produced products was the main topic. This time, it was about new products and new projects, it seems. Coming to NEPCON JAPAN gives us heads-up so to speak, of where the industry is headed.

More visitors to our booth, this year.

Yuusuke Mura
Chief Manager, LED Sales Dept. S&H Div. Mechatronics Div.
Shibuya Corporation

― What type of customers visited your booth?
Existing customers as well as numerous new ones. A new business has bloomed out of the encounters.

― How did you find your experience with us?
We come here every year and this is a great place to catch and forecast the business trend. It also gives us opportunity to receive feedbacks directly from the customers. These enable us to respond back right away, face to face.

Other exhibitions are nothing compared to NEPCON JAPAN.

Atsushi Hosoi
Corporate Marketing
Kodenshi TK Corp.

― How did find your experience with us?
This is our first time at NEPCON JAPAN but compared to other exhibitions, it’s the best in regards to conduciveness of business negotiations. For example, at most others’, a lot of the visitors are ‘stopped-by-ers’ and lookers. While here, people arrive with clear purpose and motive.

― What was the number of visitors like?
We’ve had 200 to 250 customers/ day come at our booth. A lot came with ideas and plans conducive to the business. Next time, we will secure a booth at more noticeable spot!

Packed with a booth-full of visitors like a rush hour Tokyo commuter train!

Haruna Yonekura
Sales Support Dept.
Everlight Japan Corporation

― Did you have a lot of visitors?
This is our second year and it is quite visible that the number of visitors has increased compared to last year. Especially on the second day, our booth was extremely packed. Literally, we were “booth-ed in.”

― What is one point that’s special about this expo?
To be able to make contact with industries that we couldn’t even dream to be in contact with. Currently, we are in contact with solely the buyers. This time, we’ve met customers from wider fields of industries. It brought us new light into our own industry as to what we can offer to others in the future.