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Asia's Leading Electronics Tech. Show

Launched more than 30 years ago, NEPCON JAPAN has grown together with the Japanese & Asian electronics industries. The show specialised in essential areas for electronics manufacturing and R&D, and increased its value as an exhibition representing Asia's leading one-stop venue for all those involved in the electronics industry.

Videos from the Show

(Nagoya: Oct. 2023 / Tokyo: Sep. 2023 & Jan. 2023)

[January (Tokyo) Show] Video from Day 1 (2023) East Halls

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[January (Tokyo) Show] Video from Day 1 (2023) West Halls

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[October (Nagoya) Show] Video from Day 1 (2023)

[September (Tokyo) Show] Video from Day 1 (2023)

[January (Tokyo) Show] Video from Day 1 (2022)

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Being Held 3 Times a Year

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Organiser: RX Japan Ltd. 
NEPCON JAPAN Show Management

TEL : +81-3-6739-4102
E-mail : 
For Exhibiting>> [email protected] For Visiting>> [email protected]

About Organiser

Japan's Largest Trade Show Organiser

RX Japan organises 96 exhibitions* a year at large exhibition halls such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe and Intex Osaka across a wide variety of 38 fields including jewellery, fashion, gift items, electronics, energy, IT, cosmetics and medical. Please visit the RX Japan website for details of 96 exhibitions in 38 fields annually organised by RX Japan.   *Composed of 353 Sub-exhibitions   Click here for details >>

Mission of RX Japan

1. Contribute to exhibitors' sales growth by organizing exhibitions
2. Contribute to the revitalization and development of various industries by organizing exhibitions
3. Make Japan the business hub for the industry by organizing exhibitions
4. Deliver a huge economic impact on the host city by organizing exhibitions
5. Contribute to accelerating international trade and the development of the global economy by organizing exhibitions


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